Stekeblads Video Uploader

Project no longer maintained and now requires using a personal API key for accessing YouTube

Stekeblads Video Uploader is a program written in Java made to make it easier to upload multiple videos to YouTube.

The main feature is something called "presets" that allows the user to create multiple sets with predefined values for different properties on the videos that will be uploaded and reduce the manual work of entering details such as tags, video category, description as well as adding to a playlist and settings the thumbnail. There is also a feature called "tags" that can help with the small things that differ between the videos that uses the same preset, for example a episode counter tag that increases by one for every video and a file name tag that gets replaced by the name of the video file.

Read more on the GitHub project page!

Stekeblads Video Uploader has a separate privacy policy from this site and it can be found here: Privacy policy for Stekeblads Video Uploader