Analyzers for Optimizely CMS

Analyzers for Optimizely CMS, or Stekeblad.Optimizely.Analyzers, is a nuget package and extension for Visual Studio that contains a number of Roslyn analyzers and code fixes for developers of Optimizely sites.

Many mistakes you can do when developing Optimizely CMS site does not show themselves until you run the project, some in more obvious ways than others. With these analyzers you can get notification in your editor while writing the code and from the compiler when building.

The nuget package is available on the Optimizely nuget feed. Add the nuget source and search for Stekeblad.Optimizely.Analyzers

The extension is available on the Visual Studio Marketplace by searching for Analyzers For Optimizely CMS or going directly to

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Screenshot of Visual Studio showing two Optimizely page types with three warning diagnostics from Analyzers for Optimizely CMS and a preview of the codefix available for one of them